The ABCs of Risk Management
The Kirkland Group specializes in risk management and cost containment. Their strategies include:

Administration: Most insuring companies outsource some of their services -- such as claims -- to third party administrators (TPAs). It’s inevitable that the more layers that are added to manage your business, the more expensive that service will become. The Kirkland Group keeps all administrative services in-house. By using state-of-the-artInsurance management software, they are able to keep their costs -- and yours -- to a minimum.

Brokerage: The Kirkland Group has more than 25 years experience partnering Insurance companies with clients. They work aggressively to find the best plans for your business, at the lowest premiums.

Captive Insurance: A Captive Insurance organization is a powerful strategy to contain costs, accumulate premium and turn an expense into a profit center. The Kirkland Group can offer you the benefits of their wholly-owned Captive or they can help you establish your own Captive Insurance Organization. They will also interface with re-insuring organizations and set Stop-Loss policies in place so that the parent company’s risk is minimized and profitable.

Your Partner
The Kirkland Group is your partner in developing the most cost-effective Insurance solutions.

Contact the Kirkland Group today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. Let us show you how you can insure your business and ensure savings to your company.


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